How to Outsource Small Business IT Support

Outsourcing of IT support in London started to flourish when large companies realized that they could leverage the potential and resources of third parties in order to help to create internal efficiency and boost their profitability. This trend has elicited a similar response from small business, all of which are beginning to shape IT outsourcing sector.

The question that most people are asking is, “Can small businesses benefit from outsourcing IT support services?”  Yes, small and middle-sized businesses can benefit from outsourcing small Business IT Support in London, too. Many businesses owners are turning over their IT facilities and services for specialized IT Support services, allowing themselves to time to focus on key business services for sustainable growth.

However, the principles of proper outsourcing requires small business owners to invest their time and money to outsource not only the right IT outsourcing in London, but also build a strong outsourcing relationship with an IT Support company and supplement their internal strengths rather than substituting them for external providers. This process requires small businesses to draft an outsourcing plan before beginning to invite a vendor.

Outsourcing IT Support

Not all IT Outsource support centres are born equal – Copyright Flickr

How Should Small Businesses Outsource IT Support Services?

As a small business, you need to adopt outsourcing approaches slowly as you test the viability of the services, as well as the quality of the services you are acquiring. Once you have resolved that you want to turn around your IT support operations, you need to draft a plan that outlines your needs and what you would like your provider to render to your business.

The market has large and small IT firms, all of which offer a host of IT Support services. You can also find specialized firms that offer particular IT support services such as live chat support, helpdesk support, telephone support and email support. You will need to define your needs and weight them against what the IT firm offers.

Budget for Your IT Services

As a rule of thumb, you should go for IT firms that can provide services that fit into your budget. However, the cost factor is necessary but not sufficient when determining the type of services that you should outsource. Evaluate the pricing model of all potential providers while assessing the quality of their services. Match only necessary services that your business cannot do without while shelving others that you can develop using your internal resources.

Choose the Right Provider

The question that you should spend time answering is, “Should I outsource from offshore or stay home-based IT support provider?” Whether to hire an off shore or an on-shore provider depends on a number of factors. Offshore providers are considered good, especially for small and middle-level business that are beginning to identify their strengths. You should ask whether offshore or home-based services have few legal and set up requirements relating to data protection.

Will it be possible for offshore providers to provide you the best support and seamless technical help? If you think that you need to hire an in-house provider to strengthen your department, then you may want to pump in extra investment capital to cater for space and custom services. Offshore providers are not appropriate for a business that wants the IT firm to familiarize with its business operations, employees culture and customers.

At IT Support London, we personally recommend that you use a UK company such as ourselves as the cultural differences can be very hard to manage properly.

Strengthen Relationships with Your IT Support Provider

The success of IT outsourcing does not end with the quality of the services that you obtain. Getting the most out of the outsourcing business means that parties must create an incredible relationship and measure their actual performance against their promises and targets.

Consider the Security of Your Data and Customer Service

Don’t just rule out the possibility of security breaches now that you are dealing with a specialized IT firm. Make sure to discuss some of the security issues that the IT support team will bring. You can seal this promise by entering a formal agreement that binds the promises that you are given. This document is a fall back strategy in case the provider breaches the contractual obligations laid out on the agreement.

Which IT Support Services Should you Outsource or Retain?

You can choose to outsource a complete set of IT support or allow your vendor to supply and install a few facilities to leverage on your huge equipment that you already have. If you cannot turn over your IT systems, you can discuss with your provider to see whether you can reduce the cost of the services.

You can also decide to run all your back-office and front office IT support functions on the facilities of the provider. However, if you feel that you have specific strengths, you can continue to run them. Make sure you hire a specialized IT analyst to assess the situation of your internal resources. The assessment report will determine whether you can manage the kind of roles that you are proposing.

You should also allow your IT technicians and technicians from the provider to evaluate the compatibility of the existing your IT systems with the new facilities that are to be brought on board. You should make sure that both hardware and software fuse seamlessly. Make sure that the provider does not compromise the quality of your customer service and the performance of your business. This is often the case where the providers fail to offer good service.

When you consider these aspects, your outsourcing plan for small business IT support in London will be successful, cost-effective and fruitful.

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